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Introducing the Siemens Acuson NX2

We have written about many types of machine over the years. It seems like there are new ultrasound manufacturers

We have written about many types of machine over the years.  It seems like there are new ultrasound manufacturers popping up all the time.  Siemens is not new to the game.  They began their ultrasound operations in 1993 is Issaquah, Washington.  As you can see from the name of the machine we will look at today, the name Acuson is there.  Siemens acquired the Acuson Company on September 27, 2000.  Siemens offers many types of machines for many environments.  We have selected the Acuson NX2 for today’s blog.

Most of us started scanning on an Acuson.  For a long time they were the leader in the field.  With the advances at Siemens we expect this innovation to continue.

The NX2 is designed to be the low to mid range console system of choice.  This platform uses the parallel Quad beam former RF signal processing.  This beam forming technology is all digital.  This system boasts up to 172,032 channels and 227 dB of dynamic range.  This type of beam forming technology is responsible for dynamic tissue contrast enhancement (DTCE), Clarify for vascular imaging clarity of the lumen of the vessels.  Other advancements like SieClear and SieScape make image optimization a breeze.

There are 3 active ports and the fourth port is an option.  These connections support the DL 260 type probe connectors. The improved ergonomic design allows the user to reach the ports easily.  The user can easily switch between the probes by the touch panel choices.  The transducers use a Hanafy Lens probe technology to improve clarity.  The Hanafy applied science means that it images in wide bandwidth with a tightly controlled beam thickness.  This is a fancy way of saying that the probes even out the beam along the depth and prevent beam divergence.  Multihertz frequency capability allows for seven user optimized frequencies both in fundamental and harmonic frequencies.  The color and PW also have two independent frequencies for better image quality.  For the linear and curved probes there are disposable, stainless steel and universal biopsy guides available.

The monitor is 21.5inches in diameter with a viewing angle of 178 degrees.

The flat panel is high resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels) and noninterlaced and inplane switching technology.  The monitor can swivel side to side 80 degrees.  It has the ability to tilt up and down 15 degrees.  It also comes with an energy saving power feature.

The workflow and the user interface are set up with sonographer health in mind.  There is a wrist support on the lower UI and a full sized QWERTY keyboard.  The key brightness and touch screen backlighting decreases strain on the eyes.  Plus the UI can swivel right and left 80 degrees.  The presets have a home base design that minimizes key strokes.  There is also variable key lighting that indicates active or nonactive use.  There is also a task light.  There are 128 custom presets available.

There are also customizable soft keys with immediate access and on screen menus available.  Post processing in 2D, M-Mode and Doppler add to the ease of use.

The measurements are robust for all applications of ultrasound.  The reports are customizable to an extent but do include the ability to add graphs, images, results, comments and business logo.  The reports are on system which adds to the convenience of the system.  This is supplemented by the DIMAQ-IP workstation that allows digital acquisition, storage and review of studies.  300GB of 500GB is used for patient data.  The workstation allows for viewing of static images, cine clips, measurements and reports.

There are many types of options available for purchase.  This includes the AI algorithm driven syngo suite of measurements.  Stress echo is also an option.  FourSight is the 3D/4D option for transabdominal facial imaging.  There are many features on this machine that will make you scanning life easier.

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