Ultrasound Preventative Maintenance and Repair in Georgia

Ultrasound Preventative Maintenance and Repair in Georgia

It is becoming increasingly harder for smaller medical providers to compete, which is why many are choosing to invest in ultrasound technology to offer quality diagnostic tools for their patients.

Owning an ultrasound machine is a costly investment, which is why it is so important to protect that investment by having regular preventative maintenance performed. Preventative maintenance is not only an excellent way to reduce wear and tear, it will ensure that you are providing your patients with the best and most reliable tool possible.

What is Preventative Maintenance for Ultrasound Machines, and why you Need it

Preventative maintenance is done to ensure that your ultrasound machine is performing as effectively as possible. And also, to extend the lifespan of your equipment. Ideally, you should have your ultrasound machine maintained at least once a year, or if you notice something amiss. It is not only a great way to reduce wear and tear; it is critical to spot signs of trouble that can either reduce your machine’s reliability or lead to the need for an expensive repair appointment.

What Does Ultrasound Preventative Maintenance Include?

Ultrasound has many moving and complex parts, especially within the transducer. The transducer is the part of the ultrasound machine that experiences the most use. It is also a fragile component that relies on hundreds of crystals to recreate images on the ultrasound machine. Things like accidentally dropping the transducer, handling it improperly, or extensive use, can lower the quality of the image that the transducer projects.

If the transducer is damaged, or not working properly, obtaining a good image for diagnostic purposes will become more difficult. And the quality of the images will suffer, if not addressed. Our preventative maintenance program is designed to inspect and evaluate your machine to ensure that it is working properly, and also to spot signs of an issue before it requires an expensive repair appointment.

Ultrasound Repair in Georgia

Both maintaining and repairing ultrasound equipment takes extensive and highly-specialized training. Technicians must understand how to inspect, clean, evaluate, and repair all aspects and components of your equipment. Major medical centers and hospitals have a maintenance team on staff to address ultrasound maintenance and repair issues. For small business owners, however, finding someone who has the necessary specialized knowledge can be more difficult.

At Ultra Select Medical, we have a team of specialized technicians who know how to expertly inspect, clean, repair, and maintain your ultrasound equipment. Our technicians are well-versed to handle all of your repair or maintenance issues to get you back up and running. And we also can help you to troubleshoot whatever problem you are having with your equipment to reduce downtime for your practice.

Our goal is not only to extend the lifespan of your ultrasound machine, but also to ensure that you are providing your patients with the most accurate and reliable diagnostic tools possible.

Contact us today to schedule your preventative maintenance or ultrasound repair appointment.

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