Ultrasound Preventative Maintenance and Repair in North Carolina

Ultrasound Preventative Maintenance and Repair in North Carolina

Owning and operating a medical practice has become very competitive, which is why the more services you offer in-house, the better patient satisfaction you experience.

An ultrasound machine is an excellent investment to make for your medical practice, but it is an expensive one. Therefore, it is very critical to regularly maintain your ultrasound machine not only to protect your investment, but also to provide the best in diagnostic care possible. Preventative maintenance is an excellent way to keep your ultrasound in perfect working order. And also to extend the lifespan of your equipment by reducing wear and tear.

What is Preventative Maintenance for Ultrasound Machines, and why you Need it

Preventative maintenance should ideally be scheduled for your ultrasound machine at least once a year. It is the best way to ensure that your equipment is working with the highest level of consistency and reliability to care for your patients. It is also an excellent way to reduce wear and tear that can reduce the lifespan of your machine. During your regularly scheduled maintenance, our team of professionals will not only evaluate the accuracy of your equipment; they will be able to spot signs of trouble before they become troublesome and expensive.

What Does Ultrasound Preventative Maintenance Include?

There are many complex components to an ultrasound machine, especially the transducer. The transducer is the part of the equipment that sends and receives acoustic echoes that are used to recreate images on the ultrasound screen. Within the transducer are hundreds of fragile crystals, which are integral for its operation. It is also the part of the machine that experiences the most traffic and wear and tear.

Things like being improperly handled, accidentally dropped, or even too much wear and tear, can lead to damage. If damaged, it will reduce the quality of imaging, and, therefore, the diagnostic ability of your ultrasound machine. Because the quality of imagery is so critical for patient care, having your machine maintained and evaluated regularly is imperative. And it is the best way to spot signs of a problem that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Ultrasound Repair in North Carolina

It takes extensive training and knowledge to repair and maintain ultrasound equipment. Technicians not only need to know how to inspect the machine thoroughly, they need to be able to spot when something is amiss. Hospitals and large medical centers have a maintenance team on-staff to address preventative maintenance and repair issues.

For small businesses, finding a professional ultrasound technician can sometimes be difficult. Because it is a highly specialized field, finding a professional who can perform preventative maintenance, repairs, evaluate, and inspect your ultrasound machine, might take a little more searching.

At Ultra Select Medical, we specialize in the maintenance, inspection, and repair of ultrasound machines in North Carolina. Our team of professionals is expertly trained to handle any issues you are having with your equipment. We also offer troubleshooting help to help you get back up and running as quickly as possible.

Our goal is to extend the life of your ultrasound equipment. And also to ensure that you provide your patients with the most reliable and consistent diagnostic tools available.

Contact us today to schedule your preventative maintenance or ultrasound repair service.

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