Ultrasound Equipment

This Year’s Top Model:Mindray MX7

This year’s model combines the streamlined functions with power and portability. The true test of any ultrasound machine is the image quality on the largest of patients.

This year’s model combines the streamlined functions with power and portability. The true test of any ultrasound machine is the image quality on the largest of patients.  Echocardiograms and abdomens are the types of exams that require the most penetration.  In comparison scans with the M8 and the M7 the MX7 came out well. It was almost equal to the M8 and above the M7 in image quality.  This was a direct comparison using the same patients.

There are some new features on this system not seen on the other Mindray portables.  The touch panel on the user interface is one of those things.  This touch panel is well visualized and easy touch.  There is only swiping from right and left, not up and down to make it easier.  There is some level of customization for this touch panel and that process is also easy to understand.  Touch panels are already on most console ultrasound systems so this concept should not be hard to translate.

The second feature is the magnetic plug on the rear of the machine.  The self aligning magnetic electrical connector is the newest connection technology available.  It is simpler than the three prong plugs we are used to.  It is made of alloy tips connected to wires and based in a magnetic housing.  It is designed for a better connection that is more resistant to corrosion and damage from liquids. The other benefits are a better fit into the machine.  There is less stress on the port that the connector goes into, less stress on the operator’s hands and less breakage on the end of the cord. Magnetic connectors will let you know instantly if you have it upside down because it fits perfectly in the socket with nothing off angle.  There are no prongs to bend or fall out.  Another benefit it is designed for easy disconnect.  This is a safety feature to both the user and the patient.

The next big advancement is ZST or Zone Sonography Technology.  In the simplest words this means no focal zone to adjust.  For decades ultrasound providers were taught that the only way to clean up your area of interest was to place your focal zone at or below the area you are looking at.  By doing this you are changing the near zone relative to the far zone at the middle, which is the focal zone.  One less parameter to adjust.  How can this be?  Mindray uses the software driven image acquisition with digital processing and high speed algorithm to divide your image into zones.  This allows for better technology in a smaller space with better image quality.  So your image acquisition is 10 times faster with 90% more of the ultrasound data used to create your images (see Mindray ZST website).  Normally this technology is reserved for the very high end machines but now it is available in this machine.

There are numerous options like, elastography, strain, smart track and HD scope.  Combining any of these options with the offerings listed above and you have a winner.  We have used this machine for training and hope to use it in upcoming clinical trials and it has proven itself time and again.

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