Acuson Juniper Ultrasound

Move easily between exams, patients, and spaces while still benefiting from remarkable system performance with the ACUSON Juniper system. The 6 ports, including 5 active transducer ports and 1 CW port, support multiple clinical applications as you move about your day.

Designed with intent, the system adjusts easily to individual working preferences—pull the lightweight system from the front or back as you move between exams, tilt the monitor up or down as needed for your height, or rotate the control panel left or right depending on the patient bed location.

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Higher patient volumes. Larger patient sizes. Limited diagnostic certainty. In the face of these trending challenges, you need a reliable ultrasound system that can consistently deliver high-quality images across disease states—a system with optimized accessibility, expanded applications, and ease of use.

Created with these needs in mind, the ACUSON Juniper empowers you to image every patient, knowing you have the clinical information necessary for confident decision-making. Small on the outside, yet big on the inside, the system is designed to adapt to your everyday clinical and workflow challenges.

When form and function meet, the result is the ACUSON Juniper, an ultrasound system that is smaller, more powerful, and capable of accommodating virtually all patients.

Compatible Probes

  • Curved Vector 10MC3
  • Vector 10V4
  • Linear 11L4
  • Microconvex 11M3
  • Linear 12L3
  • Linear 16L4
  • Linear 18H5
  • Curved 5C1
  • Phased Array 5P1
  • Curved 7C2
  • Phased Array 8V4
  • Curved Array 8VC3
  • Curved Vector 9MC3
  • Endovaginal Volume 9VE3
  • Pencil CW2
  • Pencil CW5


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