GE Voluson 730


GE’s Voluson 730 is among the most trusted women’s healthcare systems in the world. Today more than 7,000 systems are in use, imaging more than 15 million women each year. Thousands of articles and studies attest to the clinical efficacy of Voluson’s industry-leading volume imaging technologies.

What is truly amazing is the innovation that you will find under the covers of your new Voluson 730. We have packed more advanced technology into our systems to give you better image quality, improved resolution and advanced diagnostic capabilities online and offline.

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In the fast-paced environment of today’s clinical practice, you require the right tools to help you see more and do more every day. From routine 2D imaging to powerful 3D/4D capabilities for advanced studies to on-demand access for patient data management, you demand more from your ultrasound technology than ever before. And, as the world’s premier ultrasound partner, GE delivers. GE Healthcare is defining a new age of ultrasound. We call it Volume Ultrasound. GE’s Voluson® 730 is the world’s first ultrasound system capable of true Volume Ultrasound. It’s a powerful system that enables real-time techniques for acquiring, navigating and analyzing volumetric images so that you can make clinical decisions with unprecedented confidence. With Voluson 730, you can now acquire and construct volumetric images in real time – up to 40 volumes per second. The system allows you to explore images in any plane to reveal the smallest details with stunning clarity and apply sophisticated analytical tools to answer virtually any of your clinical questions. Volume Ultrasound not only improves your 3D/4D capabilities, it enhances your 2D imaging as well, for even greater diagnostic confidence in your obstetrical, gynecologic, breast and general imaging studies.

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GE Voluson 730

GE Voluson 730 Pro, GE Voluson 730 PRO Expert Ultrasound

Compatible Probes

  • Convex 4C-A
  • Convex AB2-7
  • Convex AC2-5
  • Micro Convex IC5-9H
  • Linear M12L-H
  • Convex M7C-H
  • Sector PA2-5P
  • Sector PA6-8
  • 4DRAB2-5L
  • 4D RAB4-8L
  • 4D RIC-5-9-W
  • Micro Convex RNA5-9
  • Micro Convex RRE6-10
  • Linear RSP6-16
  • Linear SP10-16
  • Linear SP4-10
  • Linear SP6-12


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