GE Logiq P3

The LOGIQ P3 comes with a host of automated tools and a wide range of probes that enable the system to be utilized in applications as diverse as abdomen, gynecology, obstetrics, cardiology, vascular, small parts, urology, pediatrics and intra-operative. Advanced technologies and features enable you to make a confident diagnoses even in complicated scanning situations.

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The LOGIQ® P3 incorporates the innovative technologies that have made GE Healthcare a trusted partner of healthcare practitioners worldwide. Enabling deep penetration, high resolution and great color sensitivity, these technologies result in excellent imaging and enable you to make a confident diagnosis.

GE’s TruScanTM architecture provides exceptional ultrasound performance. Its raw-data-based processing allows images to be viewed, measured, optimized and analyzed offline, from the cineloop memory and from stored exams, without losing any of the original image quality.

It enables a virtual re-scan after the patient has left, or on exams stored a long time ago, through its ability to allow manipulation, adjustment and measurement of stored images.

Compatible Probes

  • Linear 11L
  • Convex 3.8CA
  • Phased Array 3S
  • Convex-Micro Convex 4C
  • Convex 5CS
  • Phased Array 6S
  • Linear 7.5L
  • Convex-Micro Convex 8C
  • Linear 8L
  • Convex-Micro Convex E8C
  • Micro Convex E8CS
  • Intraoperative T739


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