GE Logiq P5

The affordable, full-featured LOGIQ P5 delivers exceptional performance across many care areas – meeting the demands of specialties such as general imaging, women’s healthcare and urology.

And the LOGIQ P5 features many breakthrough technologies migrated from our advanced ultrasound platforms.With a balanced combination of technology and performance, the LOGIQ P5 delivers exceptional image quality to meet your clinical needs.

Many advanced applications from our high-end ultrasound systems – such as Speckle Reduction Imaging (SRI), CrossXBeam™ imaging, Auto Optimization (AO) and Phase Inversion Harmonics – bring you enhanced image quality.

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Clinicians around the world have made LOGIQ P5 one of the most widely accepted GE ultrasound systems. Building upon this solid platform, we continue to extend the performance and clinical capabilities of the LOGIQ P5.

The LOGIQ P5 fits in well across a broad range of clinical applications and specialty areas. Specialized transducers, high-resolution image quality and convenient workflow tools make it well suited for urology. Its 4D workflow, exceptional image quality and tailored report packages are ideal for OB/GYN.

The LOGIQ P5 is an agile, easy-to-use system. The ergonomic design allows use virtually anywhere – even in small exam areas. Images display on a 15” LCD flat monitor with an articulating arm. Move the screen to any position for unobstructed viewing by the sonographer, the physician, or the patient. Tuck it out of the way during transport.

A fully functional keyboard is integrated on board. You’ll appreciate the convenience and ease-of-use of hot keys and user-defined keys.

Whether you need a versatile, high-performance system for a specialized practice, or a secondary system for a large hospital, the LOGIQ P5 delivers the image quality and high performance of a system twice its size.

Compatible Probes

  • Linear 11L
  • Phased Array 3S
  • Phased Array 3SP
  • Convex-Micro Convex 4C
  • Linear 4D3C-L
  • 4D 4D8C
  • 4D 4DE7C
  • Convex 5CS
  • Phased Array 5S
  • Phased Array 5SP
  • Phased Array 7S
  • Convex-Micro Convex 8C
  • Linear 8L
  • Linear 9L
  • Phased Array BE9CS
  • Convex-Micro Convex E8C
  • Micro Convex E8CS
  • Specialty ERB
  • Intraoperative i739
  • Pencil P2D
  • Pencil P6D
  • Intraoperative T739


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