Mindray DC70

Based on insight from ultrasound professionals, the DC-70 ultrasound system with X-Insight is designed to deliver precision imaging and improve efficiencies in today’s demanding ultrasound environment.

The system provides the optimal balance of advanced technologies and workflow management tools which sets it apart from other systems in its class.


The integrated X-Engine, with both GPU and CPU, enables multi-core parallel processing for rapid and precise imaging. Combined with Mindray’s unique 3TTM transducer technology, the DC-70 system provides fast image acquisition, increased penetration and high resolution imaging across all general imaging, women’s imaging, and shared service applications.

Compatible Probes

  • Curved C11-3E
  • Curved C5-1E
  • Curved C5-2E
  • Curved C7-3E
  • Biplane CB10-4E
  • Pencil CW5s
  • Volume D6-2E
  • Volume D6-2NE
  • Volume DE10-3E
  • Linear L12-3E
  • Linear L14-6NE
  • Linear L14-6WE
  • Sector P10-4E
  • Phased P4-2E
  • Phased P7-3E
  • TEE Transesophageal P7-3TE
  • Phased SP5-1E
  • Curved V11-3BE
  • Curved V113E
  • Curved V11-3WE


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