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Mindray DC80

The DC-80 system delivers outstanding performance with advanced capabilities for addressing your diagnostic requirements across a wide range of applications.

This includes a comprehensive elastography solution with shear wave and strain elastography for tissue stiffness assessment, UWN+ CEUS and quantitative analysis tools for vascular perfusion analysis, Depth VR for vivid 3D/4D with depth perception, and tissue tracking for regional myocardial analysis.

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Sound Touch Elastography (STE) with reliability map allows clinicians to get real-time 2D elastography and Young’s modulus quantification for liver and tissue assesment. Sound Touch Quantification (STQ) with unique “E Avg” also enables real-time and easy tissue stiffness quantification for hepatic fibrosis. Natural Touch Elastography for tumor infiltration analysis provides high stiffness sensitivity in applications such as thyroid, breast, and GYN.

Compatible Probes

  • Curved C11-3E
  • Curved C5-1E
  • Convex C6-2GE
  • Curved C7-3E
  • Biplane CB10-4E
  • Pencil CW2s
  • Pencil CW5s
  • Volume D7-2E
  • Volume D8-2E
  • Volume DE11-3E
  • Linear L12-3E
  • Linear L14-5WE
  • Linear L14-6NE
  • Linear L14-6WE
  • Linear L16-4HE
  • Linear L9-3E
  • Linear LM14-6E
  • Sector P10-4E
  • Sector P4-2NE
  • Phased P7-3E
  • TEE Transesophageal P7-3TE
  • Convex SC5-1E
  • Phased SP5-1E
  • Curved V11-3BE
  • Endocavity V11-3HE


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