Mindray DP 30

B/W Digital Ultrasonic Diagnostic Imaging System

The DP-30 portable black and white ultrasound system is a perfect choice that brings excellent image quality, ease of use, and extreme mobility in a compact design. Mindray has accomplished this with economics in mind. DP-30 can be easily carried to any part of your practice or location.

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The image quality achievable from such a small system is beyond your expectations

  • (THI) Tissue Harmonic Imaging
  • (TSI) Tissue Specific Imaging: Optimizing the image quality based on tissue properties
  • One key image optimization
  • 8 segment TGC assuring accurate image adjustment
  • Versatile applications with multiple transducers

Compatible Probes

  • Linear 10L24EA
  • Convex 35C20EA
  • Convex 35C50EA
  • Convex 65C15EA
  • Convex 65EC10EA
  • Linear 75L38EA
  • Linear 75L53EA


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