Mindray Z5

Your unique requirements of superior image quality, affordability, versatility and mobility can now be met with the Mindray Z5 Portable Doppler System. With a rare combination of high performance and low cost, the Z5 is the result of Mindray’s continuous effort toward making healthcare more accessible.

The Z5 can be used for a routine indoor scan or an outdoor emergency. Switching from conventional black and white systems to a highly efficient portable color Doppler system is easier than ever before. The Mindray Z5 – helping you reach beyond boundaries.

System Brochure



  • 15" LCD with angle adjustment
  • Less than 19.4 lb (8.8 kg) without
  • Li-ion battery lasting up to 100
  • Less than 30 second boot-up time
    and 5 second wake-up
  • Dual transducer connectors

Compatible Probes

  • Linear 10L24EA
  • Convex 35C20EA
  • Convex 35C50EA
  • Convex 65C15EA
  • Convex 65EC10EA
  • Linear 75L38EA


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