Philips CX50 Ultrasound

Philips CX50 xMATRIX CompactXtreme for cardiology.

CX50 xMATRIX for cardiology Philips, a leader in cutting-edge ultrasound development, has integrated premium, innovative technologies into the CompactXtreme family.

CX50 xMATRIX has been designed specifically for diagnostic, interventional, surgical and pediatric echocardiography applications. We’re taking premium class compact echo performance to new levels and new arenas.

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CX50 xMATRIX travels easily to screening events, disaster sites, rural visits and anywhere else you need premium image quality to deliver results efficiently and confidently.

CX50 xMATRIX is ideal for satellite offices that are supported on a rotational basis. The system is easily transported in its specially designed carry case, allowing you to use premium echo imaging for your entire patient population.

PureWave technology, originally available only on our premium cart-based systems, has been integrated into the CX50 xMATRIX system. The exceptional performance of the PureWave transducer technology results in improved diagnostic confidence, especially on technically difficult patients.

Compatible Probes

  • PureWave Endocavity C10-3v
  • PureWave Convex C5-1
  • Microconvex C8-5
  • Curved Intraoperative C9-3io
  • Pedoff (CW Transducer) D2cwc
  • Pedoff (CW Transducer) D5cwc
  • Linear L12-3
  • Linear L12-5 50mm
  • Intraoperative Linear L15-7io
  • Neonatal Cardiac Sector S12-4
  • PureWave Cardiac Sector S5-1
  • Pediatric Cardiac Sector S8-3
  • xMatrix TEE Transesophegeal X7-2T


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