Philips HD15

Philips HD15 PureWave ultrasound system

The Philips HD15 ultrasound system incorporates superb imaging and performance capabilities. Loaded with a host of must-have usability features and spectacular image quality, the HD15 gives you the performance and efficiencies you need for more of your everyday exams and the diagnostic confidence for the most demanding clinical challenges, all in one system.

And now with PureWave imaging, you can achieve extraordinary clinical performance on your technically difficult OB, abdominal and cardiovascular patients.

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The HD15 PureWave gives you the clinical performance you need to efficiently address a large daily patient load with the ability to access powerful diagnostic capabilities and perform difficult in-depth clinical evaluations with ease and confidence

Philips exclusive PureWave crystal technology is clinically proven to improve penetration in difficult-to-image patients. PureWave crystals are the result of a manufacturing technique that creates a near-perfect atomic level arrangement. The uniformity and lack of grain boundaries help transfer energy with up to 85% greater precision and efficiency over conventional materials.

Their extended bandwidth covers the frequency range of two transducers, with improved Doppler performance and highly sensitive harmonic imaging.

Compatible Probes

  • 4D Endocavity 3D9-3v
  • Biplane Endocavity BP10-5ec
  • PureWave Convex C5-1
  • Convex C5-2
  • Convex C6-3
  • Pedoff (CW Transducer) D2cwc
  • Pedoff (CW Transducer) D5cwc
  • Linear L12-3
  • Linear L12-5 50mm
  • Intraoperative Linear L15-7io
  • Neonatal Cardiac Sector S12-4
  • Cardiac Sector S5-2
  • OMNI TEE Transesophegeal S7-2t
  • Pediatric Cardiac Sector S8-3


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