Philips IE33

Philips iE33 xMATRIX echocardiography system

This focus is what spurred the development of xMATRIX technology. Clinically advanced and thoughtfully designed, the iE33 xMATRIX system brings extraordinary clinical utility to every setting where echocardiography is used.

While many technology companies call their innovations revolutionary, we know that innovation means nothing if it doesn’t help you. That’s why we won’t call the iE33 xMATRIX a revolution, despite its cutting edge technology. Instead, we call it a revelation.

It will change how you see ultrasound. More importantly, it will change what you see with ultrasound

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The iE33 xMATRIX Edition reveals

  • Tiny structures, such as ASD, VSD, and thrombus in the left atrial appendage or the pulmonary veins
  • Clear views of lateral walls and the myocardium with the X5-1, for sensitive EF calculations on patients with dilated cardiomyopathy
  • Views of the heart previously attainable only during surgery, with Live 3D TEE
  • Real-time views of cardiac structure in a single beat, with the X7-2, the only pediatric 2D and 3D transducer on the market
  • Advanced assessment of global, regional and local function with QLAB quantification tools

Compatible Probes

  • PureWave Convex C5-1
  • Microconvex C8-5
  • Microconvex C9-4
  • Pedoff (CW Transducer) D2cwc
  • Pedoff (PW Transducer) D2tcd
  • Pedoff (CW Transducer) D5cwc
  • Linear L11-3
  • Intraoperative Linear L15-7io
  • Linear L8-4
  • Linear L9-3
  • Neonatal Cardiac Sector S12-4
  • PureWave Cardiac Sector S5-1
  • OMNI TEE Transesophegeal S7-2t
  • Pediatric TEE Transesophegeal S7-3t
  • Pediatric Cardiac Sector S8-3
  • Pediatric TEE Transesophegeal S8-3t
  • xMatrix X3-1
  • xMatrix X5-1
  • Pediatric xMatrix X7-2
  • xMatrix TEE Transesophegeal X7-2T


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