Samsung Accuvix A30

Accuvix A30 relies on cutting-edge technology and proprietary features that streamline imaging and procedures in order to save precious time and allow users to become more time-efficient. For instance, real-time DVD recording is a thoughtful function that enables simultaneous scanning and recording.

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The Accuvix A30 also has upgraded color technology, customizable preset ranges, and automated imaging parameters that further maximize workflow efficiency. Our state-of-the-art diagnostic systems rely on innovative technologies to enhance ultrasound imaging.

Thanks to improved and sharper contrast resolution, images are in higher quality making
them easier to analyze. With advanced imaging construction, the Accuvix A30 improves efficiency in imaging under all possible conditions.

Compatible Probes

  • Convex C2-6IC
  • Convex C5-8
  • Pencil CW2.0
  • Pencil CW4.0
  • Pencil CW6.0
  • Endo Cavity EC4-9IS
  • Linear L4-7
  • Linear L5-13/50mm
  • Linear L5-13IS
  • Linear L7-6IS
  • Linear LS6-15
  • Phased P2-4BA
  • Convex SC1-6
  • Volume V2-6
  • Volume V4-8
  • Volume V5-9
  • Endo Cavity VR5-9


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