Sonosite M-Turbo

High Resolution Imaging Across the Point of Care

Engineered for striking image quality, durability and ease of use, the M-Turbo® ultrasound system, has earned customer satisfaction ratings of 99%*. Proprietary algorithms optimize multiple imaging parameters so you get essential information quickly and easily.

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Turbo Technology

  • SonoADAPT™ Tissue Optimization – eliminating complicated manipulation of multiple controls.
  • SonoHD™ Imaging Technology – reducing speckle noise and other image artifacts while preserving and sharpening tissue information.
  • SonoMB™ Multi-beam Imaging – increasing resolution of small structures and enhancing border delineation.Advanced Needle Visualization – aiding needle visualization while maintaining striking image quality of the target and surrounding anatomy.
  • ColorHD™ Technology – increasing color performance, sensitivity and frame rates for more diagnostic information.

Compatible Probes

  • Curved C11x
  • Curved C60x
  • Pencil D2x
  • Linear HFL38x
  • Linear HFL50x
  • Curved ICTx
  • Linear L25x
  • Linear L38xi
  • Phased P10x
  • Phased P21x
  • Linear SLAx
  • TEE Transesophageal TEEx


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