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Sonosite Micromaxx

The SonoSite® MicroMaxx® ultrasound system—a breakthrough in image quality and portability that will forever change the way medicine is practiced. A hand-carried unit that performs like bigger, heavier, cart-based systems, the MicroMaxx offers you impressive image quality in a light, 8-pound unit no bigger than your average laptop

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The MicroMaxx system’s compact size, light weight and ease of use would be a novelty if it weren’t for the image quality. Many assume that because a system is not a heavy cart, it can’t produce a quality image.

The MicroMaxx system’s SonoRES™ speckle reduction technology shatters preconceptions by providing scans that are comparable to cart-based systems—impressive when you consider they’re produced from a hand-carried unit.

Compatible Probes

  • Curved C60e
  • Linear HFL38
  • Curved ICT
  • Linear L25e
  • Linear L38e
  • Phased P10
  • Phased P17
  • Linear SLA
  • Pencil SLT
  • TEE Transesophageal TEE


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