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Sonosite X-Porte

Sonosite X-Porte designed from the ground up for your work style and work environment, X-Porte offers you an entirely new ultrasound experience by providing these revolutionary tools in a unique, integrated system exclusive to SonoSite.

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X-Porte represents an entirely new approach to clinical ultrasound. Its imaging, features and educational resources are fluidly brought together in a convenient, all-in-one kiosk design.At the sweep of your hand, it responds so quickly and intelligently to your imaging needs, you’ll know it was created precisely for professionals like you.

Its self-explanatory control panel makes system navigation a breeze, and its sealed touch screen has no buttons for pathogens to hide behind.X-Porte’s slender profile makes it easy to maneuver alongside beds and exam tables for point-of-care visualization and procedures. For portability and durability during transport, its screen folds down and its stand lowers making X-Porte even more compact for navigating busy corridors.

The X-Porte ultrasound core can be detached easily from the kiosk to provide another configuration option. For servicing, nothing could be more convenient than X-Porte’s five-year warranty and removable engine.

Compatible Probes

  • Curved C11xp
  • Curved C35xp
  • Curved C60xp
  • Pencil D2xp
  • Linear HFL38xp
  • Linear HFL50xp
  • Linear HSL25xp
  • Curved ICTxp
  • Linear L25xp
  • Linear L38xp
  • Phased P10xp
  • Phased rP19xp
  • Phased TEExp


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