GE Vivid 7 4D Ultrasound

Start with a system that’s proven its worth in LV quantification and 4D imaging. Then add even more value through enhanced image quality, new breakthroughs and shared-service capabilities. That’s the distinct advantage of a Vivid 7 cardiovascular ultrasound system.

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Excellent 4D imaging is now available in an easy-to-use package with faster results in fewer steps. Just one button and the full volume image of the heart is displayed and ready for assessment.

With Vivid 7’s onboard 4D LV volume tool, your level of care quickly improves through additional quantitative information of both volume and ejection fraction – providing a higher accuracy than standard 2D imaging.

Our creative multi-dimensional formats clearly convey cardiac anatomy, synchronicity and viability. You get 4D images rendered online that look like an actual heart. And, the new 4D visualization tools offer you a new perspective on volume and dimension with the assistance of Depth Color Rendering and Stereo glasses – making it look real enough to touch.

Incredibly detailed. Remarkably life-like. Ask your GE sales representative for a demonstration.

Compatible Probes

  • Convex-Micro Convex 5C
  • Phased Array 5S
  • TEE Transesophageal 6T
  • Linear 7L
  • Phased Array 7S
  • Convex-Micro Convex 8C
  • TEE Transesophageal 9T
  • Convex-Micro Convex E8C
  • Intraoperative i13L
  • Intraoperative i8L
  • Linear M12L (Matrix)
  • Phased Array M3S (Matrix)
  • Convex-Micro Convex M7C (Matrix)


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