GE Vivid E9 4D Ultrasound

Meet the Vivid™ E9, GE Healthcare’s first cardiovascular ultrasound system built specifically for 4D imaging – from ergonomics to image acquisition to data management.

Capture the entire heart in a single beat. Not just a valve, but the entire ventricle. And break down the barriers to routine, day-to-day 4D imaging from acquisition to archiving.

Featuring our Accelerated Volume Architecture 4D platform for 8X the processing power. Advanced quantification tools help streamline workflow for higher productivity. These tools include 4D Stress and advanced ergonomics. One-touch ease of use puts 4D effortlessly at your fingertips.

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4D Auto LVQ: A mesh-based surface-tracking model, the 4D Auto LVQ quantification tool provides you with a graphical output of pure 4D volume data. Utilizing temporal data, it delivers more reproducible results that are less prone to artifacts and variable heart rhythms for automatic volume and ejection fractions.

4D LV Mass: Using the above mentioned mesh-based surface tracking model, by adding the epicardial border, an LV Mass and an LV Mass Index is derived from the same data set.

4D Strain: As an extension to the 4D LV Mass tool, both global and regional strain values are calculated based upon a spatial speckle tracking algorithm. The end result is presented in a Strain Bull’s Eye plot accompanied by Time-Strain curves and Cut Planes for enhanced visual tracking assessment.

Compatible Probes

  • Convex 4C-D
  • Volume 4V-D
  • Sector 6S-D
  • TEE Transesophageal 6TC
  • Linear 9L-D
  • TEE Transesophageal 9T
  • Intraoperative i13L
  • Sector M5S-D
  • Linear ML6-15-D
  • Pencil P2D
  • Pencil P6D


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