GE Vivid Q Ultrasound

Combining exceptional detail and quality of information with advanced interventional echocardiography ultrasound ICE imaging technology, Vivid q opens up a new window to the heart.

ICE catheters deliver excellent image quality and real-time visualization of cardiac structural anatomy, with therapy catheters for monitoring and guidance during interventional procedures.

ICE gives you a better understanding of structural orientation during trans-septal puncture procedures to help you avoid clinical complications.

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Vivid q lets you assess LV function and cardiac performance with exceptional clarity and accuracy. Improve clinical confidence in complex invasive procedures. And optimize image settings across all procedures and users.

Auto EF provides the most commonly used parameter to describe the LV function, the Ejection Fraction (EF). The 2D strain-based tool assists in finding the endocardial border. It also reduces the dependency of “seeing” the border in each image by analyzing and tracking the myocardial tissue. The program automatically locates the end systolic and end diastolic frames.

Automated Function Imaging (AFI) supports LV function analysis, visualizing the longitudinal wall shortening and lengthening and highlighting a segment’s contraction. AFI can potentially be used to differentiate disease from nondisease segments. It decreases LV function assessment variability, provides clinical decision support and streamlines workflow.

Compatible Probes

  • Sector 10S-RS
  • Linear 12L-RS
  • Phased Array 3S-RS
  • Convex Array 4C-RS
  • Sector 5S-RS
  • Phased Array 6S-RS
  • TEE Transesophageal 6Tc-RS
  • Sector 7S-RS
  • Micro Convex 8C-RS
  • Linear 8L-RS
  • Linear 9L-RS
  • TEE Transesophageal 9T-RS
  • Micro Convex E8C-RS
  • Linear i12L-RS
  • Sector M4S-RS
  • Pencil P2D
  • Pencil P6D


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