GE Voluson E8 Ultrasound

The Voluson E8 Expert is next level in the E series for women’s health. It is built with added technology to support the 4D innovations. HD live is also an excellent tool on this version.

This E8 has eight BT levels that progressively increase the speed, accuracy and image quality of the images. The 4D expansion allows for Sono AVC, VOCAL, increased speed of STIC and workability of the 4D platform. These are some of the great standard features: 3D/4D data compression (lossy/Lossless), HD flow, Realtime Doppler calculations, coded harmonic imaging and Betaview.

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This means developing technology that allows you to see fi ne anatomical details. Providing you the ability confi dently explore fetal images in early stages. Introducing automation to facilitate effi cient and reproducible diagnostic exams. Enhancing the way you examine ultrasound data from a single sweep. Our commitment to you is to diligently continue to enhance the powerful Voluson E8 to help you achieve extraordinary vision. Commitment to Early Health We aim to help you improve patient care with technology that allows you to focus on early prevention rather than late diagnosis. Our goal is to help clinicians detect disease earlier, access detailed information and intervene sooner. We call this model of care Early Health. Voluson second generation dynamic rendering engine The enhanced dynamic rendering engine and innovative probes help provide you extraordinary image quality and effi cient operation.

Compatible Probes

  • Linear 11L-D
  • Phased Array 3S-D
  • Convex 4C-D
  • Linear 9L-D
  • Convex AB2-7-D
  • Convex C1-5-D
  • Micro Convex IC5-9-D
  • Convex M6C
  • Linear ML6-15-D
  • Phased Array PA6-8-D
  • 4D RAB2-5-D
  • 4D RAB4-8-D
  • 4D RIC5-9-D
  • Convex RIC6-12-D
  • 4D RM6C
  • 4D RNA5-9-D
  • Micro Convex RRE6-10-D
  • Linear RSM5-14
  • 4D RSP6-16-D
  • Linear SP10-16-D


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