GE Voluson I Ultrasound

First of its kind, there’s bound to be skepticism. And, since the Voluson i is the world’s first and only compact volume ultrasound system, we expect the doubters. In fact, even after you’ve seen its incredible image quality and volume capabilities, you may still have a hard time believing it.

The compact Voluson i comes loaded – with Volume Ultrasound. Volume Ultrasound, enabled by 3D and 4D technologies, allows you to acquire, navigate, optimize and analyze volumetric images in real-time.

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Acquire raw volumetric data that can be analyzed in different planes after your patient leaves. So you reconstruct the exam instead of rescanning the patient. Not to mention, save time. Yours and your patients’.

And by integrating Volume Ultrasound with our sophisticated image optimization tools, you clearly see the smallest details from any plane with unprecedented clarity, much like a CT or MR image. Which – surprise, surprise – makes your diagnostic confidence soar. Small wonder.

A passion for innovation. 3000 dedicated employees. The resources of a global leader. It’s amazing what the combination has led to. Then again, maybe it isn’t such a surprise.

Compatible Probes

  • Linear 12L-RS
  • Convex Array 4C-RS
  • Linear 9L-RS
  • Convex AB2-7-RS
  • Micro Convex E8C-RS
  • 4D RAB2-5-RS
  • 4D RAB4-8-RS
  • 4D RIC5-9W-RS
  • Micro Convex RNA5-9-RS
  • 4D RSP6-16-RS
  • Linear SP10-16-RS


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