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Welcome to the first edition of the VscanTM View. Vscan has now been in the market for four years and has more than 15,000 proud users globally. It is making a big impact in many clinical areas due to its low cost, ease of use, ultra high reliability and outstanding image quality.

In this publication, we would like to share Vscan experiences from some of your peers. We share a common view to provide the best patient care. GE’s contribution is to arm you with tools like Vscan to support this mission.

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Ultrasound has the potential to be a ubiquitous imaging modality since it provides real-time, no-dose, functional views of the body. It provides important complimentary information during bedside evaluations, physical exams and medical education. In our view, this has the potential to improve clinical outcomes, improve access to better healthcare and reduce overall healthcare cost.

Hence, the name View is particularly appropriate for this publication. In this collection of articles, you will see highlights from experienced and new users of ultrasound. They discuss how Vscan can be used in different clinical settings.

They talk about how Vscan training programs can be structured. They demonstrate the clinical and economic impact Vscan has made in their hospitals and clinics – including quick access to information about their patients. Hopefully, this gives you ideas that can be translated to your own practice.


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