Acuson Bonsai Ultrasound

Addressing your challenges in echocardiography

Powerful precise imaging starts with diagnostic accuracy and consistency. This requires an ultrasound system designed with unique imaging technologies that will deliver accurate and reproducible results no matter who the patient is, no matter who’s operating the system, no matter who’s reading the images.

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With the number and complexity of cardiovascular cases today, the need for portable, high quality fast echo exams is growing throughout the healthcare system from the hospital to the physician office and from the echo lab to the patient’s bedside.

The ACUSON Bonsai ultrasound system is an ultra-portable system that provides the perfect harmony of power and portability. It performs in any environment – wherever and whenever you need it without compromising mobility or imaging performance.

The highly compact system provides exceptional imaging results, a wide variety of advanced applications and workflow features that enable you to transform your care delivery and improve your patient’s experience throughout your day.

Compatible Probes

  • Microconvex C11-3s
  • Convex C5-1s
  • Pencil CW2s
  • Pencil CW5s
  • Linear L10-3s
  • Linear L12-4s
  • Linear L14-6Ns
  • Linear L16-4Hs
  • Linear L20-5s
  • Sector P10-4s
  • Sector P7-3s
  • TEE Transesophageal P7-3Ts
  • Pediatric TEE Transesophageal P8-3Ts
  • Sector SP5-1s


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