Samsung Accuvix XG

Accuvix XG is designed to provide clearer vision and more accurate measurement, by applying Samsung Medison’s latest Imaging technologies. By using these technologies, the accuvix Xg gives more confi dence in observation by providing dramatically improved 2D/color Doppler image quality, and enables users to acquire images that are best suited to their examination

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Samsung Medison wants to give you an easier way to acquire more information, with greater confidence in your daily practice. The Accuvix XG empowers you through advanced image quality, extensive automation, an innovative user interface and an ergonomic design. Experiencing the Accuvix XG will enable you to see beyond previous imaging boundaries, and provide better patient care.

Compatible Probes

  • Volume 3DC2-6
  • Convex C1-4EC
  • Convex C2-6IC
  • Convex C2-8
  • Convex C4-9/10ED
  • Convex CF4-9
  • Pencil CW2.0
  • Pencil CW4.0
  • Endo Cavity ER4-9/10-ED
  • Endo Cavity EV4-9/10-ED
  • Linear L3-8
  • Linear L5-13IS
  • Linear L7-16IS
  • Linear LF5-12
  • Linear LS5-13 (L-Shape)
  • TEE Transesophageal MMPT3-7
  • Phased P2-4BA
  • Phased P3-8CA
  • Phased P4-12
  • Volume V2-6
  • Volume V4-8
  • Volume V5-9
  • Volume V6-12
  • Endo Cavity VR5-9


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