Sonimage HS1 Ultrasound

Hand-Carried Ultrasound designed for you

The SONIMAGE HS1 is a Point-of-Care portable ultrasound system designed to support a wide range of applications and patient types. The system delivers an advanced technologies to ensure excellent image quality and efficient workflow.

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The console has been streamlined to include only the eight most frequently used keys. The result is improved workflow efficiency. HS1 has been optimized to facilitate superior workflow.Customizable touchscreen display allows you to suite your personal preference and provide you with one-button to access major imaging mode and function.

It enables to change up to 133% bigger image area and observe the images from some distance. Since you could place the system to the opposite side of the patient bed, you might be able to take some procedure without taking your eyes off.

Compatible Probes

  • Convex C5-2
  • Endocavity EC9-3
  • Linear HL18-4
  • Linear L11-3
  • Linear L14-4
  • Linear L18-4
  • Microconvex MC10-3
  • Sector S4-2


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