Philips Affiniti 70 Ultrasound

Philips Affiniti 70 Cardiovascular Ultrasound System

Affiniti 70 is a complete echocardiography solution that addresses the needs of a busy department or office while incorporating those innovations that make Philips ultrasound the global leader in echocardiography.

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Philips Affiniti 70

Philips Affiniti 70 system is equipped with automation
features that reduce repetitive button pushes and steps,
leading to enhanced workflow.

  • Real-time iSCAN (AutoSCAN): Automatically
    and continuously optimizes gain and TGC
  • Auto Doppler for vascular imaging: Color-box
    positioning and sample volume placement in just three
    steps, with an average of 67.9% fewer button pushes
  • SmartExam guided workflow: Increases consistency,
    reduces keystrokes, and decreases exam time by
    30%-50% by automatically planning and processing
    application protocols

Compatible Probes

  • 4D Endocavity 3D9-3v
  • Biplane Endocavity BP10-5ec
  • PureWave Endocavity C10-3v
  • Endocavity C10-4ec
  • PureWave Convex C5-1
  • Convex C6-2
  • Microconvex C8-5
  • PureWave Microconvex C9-2
  • Endocavity C9-4v
  • Pedoff (CW Transducer) D2cwc
  • Pedoff (PW Transducer) D2tcd
  • Pedoff (CW Transducer) D5cwc
  • Linear L12-3
  • Linear L12-4
  • Linear L12-5 50mm
  • Intraoperative Linear L15-7io
  • Linear L18-5
  • Neonatal Cardiac Sector S12-4
  • Cardiac Sector S4-2
  • PureWave Cardiac Sector S5-1
  • Pediatric TEE Transesophegeal S7-3t
  • Pediatric Cardiac Sector S8-3
  • 4D Convex V6-2
  • 4D Linear VL13-5
  • xMatrix TEE Transesophegeal X7-2T


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