Ultrasound Equipment

Deciding in Favor of the DC70 by Mindray

Once in a while a machine comes out that needs some recognition. The DC 70 with X-Insight is one of those machines. This shared services machine has many options. The image quality is superb. X-Engine is the integration of the CPU and the GPU to allow for multi core parallel processing giving the customer three to four times the speed in processing various features. This may be considered by some as a mid range machine but they are selling like hotcakes!

We recently tested the DC70 on the 3D and 4D capabilities specifically. While we can’t show a moving media such as 4D we can show you the 3D images. You can see that the images are greatly enhanced by the iLive capability. Even with the hard to image patients there is still exceptional image quality. There are four selections for 3D/4D imaging: the SD8-1E (TA), D7-2E (TA), DE11-3E (TV) and the DE10-3E (TV). iLive can be combined with hyaline to achieve the best look into the internal organs from a solid surface. This technology is the answer to GE’s glass body imagery. Under the settings of 3D/4D there are selections for making the image smooth and more lifelike. The light can be varied to bring out the expressions of the baby. With iPage acquisition it can be used to look at specific details of the uterus or ovaries just by changing the direction of the light.

The above picture shows one arm and thumb and part of the left arm near the face.

The following picture below is a great example of the quality that can be obtained even though it was not the perfect situation. The baby’s head was between the uterine wall and the placenta. You can clearly see the nose and the lips of the baby. The uterine wall is the area to the left and the placenta is the area to the right of the baby’s face.

Here is a great example of the Single Crystal probe SC6-1E showing the umbilical insertion into the abdomen.

While there was much discussion of the 3D/4D used for obstetrics, there are other uses like echocardiography , vascular, msk, abdominal and small parts imaging that are equally impressive.

Recently there is the release of the new upgrade to Windows 10 and that will add new possibilities to the imaging and workflow on the DC70. Since the list is long we will list just a few. The most notable are the support encryption of patient data in the local drive, the addition of the TLS encryption preset, added support for Microsoft SE kit and McAfee antivirus protection, added network storage function, stress echo systole synchronization and added support for nerve application under iScanHelper function.

This update is a game changer in all of the areas of ultrasound. This blog could go on for at least four more pages. Please call us with any questions for this must have console system. 843-566-1020.