Great GE Logiq E9

Every customer would be a happy customer with one of these high-endultrasound units.

July is GE Logiq E9 ultrasound month.

Every customer would be a happy customer with one of these high-end ultrasound units. This machine offers a great deal of flexibility and options that will make this machine a welcome addition in any type of department.

This make of ultrasound machine has six different software revisions. R6 is the most recent. There are four ports and depending on what R level you have, the right three are the membrane DIN plugs with the left being the DIN plug with the pins. Probe selection is rich with the following types of transducers offered: convex array, sector array, assorted linear arrays, micro convex array, matrix, split crystal and volume array probes that use a mechanical sweep. The others in this list are electronic. There is even an integrated gel warmer.

The Agile Acoustic Architecture

The image quality is the combination of state of the art probe technology combined with the Agile Acoustic Architecture. AAA is the patented, unique technology that allows for flexibility and ease of use. There is little sacrifice of image quality at deeper depths. There are a number of options like LogiqView, Realtime 4D, Volume Navigation, CW and Scan Assist to name a few. This machine is ergonomically designed with the sonographer in mind.

The Ergonomic Design of the GE Logiq E9

In terms of the ergonomic design, the monitor is 19 inches with a resolution of 1280 x 1024. This LCD monitor has the capability of moving up and down, 90 degree swivel and + or – 170 degree viewing radius. This will reduce viewing issues in the critical care areas. The monitor also folds down and locks for portable transportation. The user interface also adjusts side to side and up and down. Thoughtfully laid out, the user interface has all the mode buttons and other adjustment buttons in easy reach of one another.

There is not one application that this machine will do better than the others. For the fully integrated and shared service department this machine this is the one to have. This unit is a workhorse and will be functional for many years to come.

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