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Is December the Perfect Time to Purchase a New Ultrasound System?

Really any time is a great time to purchase a new ultrasound machine. Why December? The answer is deals, deals, deals.

Really any time is a great time to purchase a new ultrasound machine. Why December? The answer is deals, deals, deals. There are quotas, incentives and discounts to be had. Many companies are looking to sell any surplus inventory before the first of the year. Who does not like to get the best bang for the buck?

The other thing to consider is taxes. While we are not tax specialists and you should always check with a tax professional before making these types of purchases, it is a major influence on when to purchase big ticket items. Many of you may not know that small, independently owned dealerships have to pay inventory tax on machines not sold in that tax year. This fact causes businesses an extra financial burden. This is an incentive to sell quickly.

While on the subject of taxes we need to look at the other side as well. If you are a business owner you will claim this year’s purchase on the following year’s taxes. That is only four months before your taxes reflect the purchase as a business expense. If you purchase a machine in January you need to wait sixteen months before you can claim this purchase. All of that time depends on what the company’s fiscal year is. So the number of months may vary.

Since it is doubtful that customers have piles of cash lying around, financing is a concern. According to, this December is the best time to buy because of the lower interest rates. It is now 5.35% and scheduled to increase after the first of the year. So whether you are buying or renting this lower rate makes good business sense.

Another fact to consider is the rates of patient scheduling in December. This month is usually very busy because patients are close to or have met their deductibles. So it makes good sense to have exams done in this month. This means great reimbursement. January and February are a different story. These months are typically slow in terms of number of patient exams being scheduled. Since most insurance plans have deductibles and other fees that start over at the first of very year, they do not want to shell out more money than they have to. Therefore patients put off exams until their health requires they have the exam or they have the money to go to the doctor. This also means less reimbursement to pay for the exams after the first of the year.

Another thought to keep in mind is the cycles of grant funding. For some 501C3’s and large research institutions who are operating in three cycles, cycle three items come due in December. For others whose fiscal year ends in October and the funds are left over, December is the perfect month to buy. In terms of grant funding the appropriation is in September and by the time December rolls around the budget should allow for the purchase of ultrasound machine(s). For others who need to see what is left over in the budget to see what can be spent for the new year this is a optimal time to make that purchase or upgrade.

December is the golden month for ultrasound this year. Just in time for Christmas. Any one of our units would look just fine under the Christmas tree. It is also the best way to start the New Year.

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