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The Threefold Workhorses

The Threefold Workhorses: Meet the Mindray M7 Premium, M8 & TE5. This handy little machine is the staple of the portable world.

Meet the Mindray M7 Premium, M8 & TE5

MINDRAY M7 Premium

This handy little machine is the staple of the portable world. It weighs only 6.5kg or 14.33lbs with batteries. Despite the travel friendly size it has a 15 inch LCD high resolution monitor (1024 x 768). This shared service unit performs well in all applications for the money. This is the least expensive option for your department.

This feature rich system has everything you need for your business. It supports ten transducers for ten applications. There are up to ten peripherals that are possible along with an external USB for easy connectivity and imaging.

This flexible and high speed system uses System on Chip design that allows for extended technology in a small body. With easy customization, this clever ultrasound machine will be an asset in any clinic.

This image quality is great for this portable classification. However the imaging will never compete with the console systems. For the money you will get the advanced probe technology and the ability for easy customization. The standard offerings include iBeam, iClear and iTouch are the best for image optimization. Lastly there is iStation for easy case management. This is a very popular system.

Mindray M7


The next level in the portable ultrasound machine evolution is the M8. Slightly larger and lighter, this beauty has a sleek design and has more features than the M7. It weighs 12.8 lbs with batteries and has a 15.6inch LED HD wide format monitor 1920 x 1080 for easy image viewing. This system is also shared service with an additional seven applications to expand your business. This choice is the most expensive of the three listed here. It is well worth the investment.

The mQuadro technology is the next level of signal processing and intelligent software algorithms. This unit supports 17 transducers with the 3T and single crystal technology.

The combination of the new technology results in better resolution at deeper penetration, better signal to noise ratio and faster image acquisition.

In addition to the same three standard offerings listed above there are echo boost for echocardiography, anatomic m-mode, compound imaging and two USB ports. There are options galore and a richer platform for customization.

This ultrasound unit is a leader across the spectrum. iStation along with the PC export formats like RAW, TIFF, JPEG, AVI, and BMP along with a stellar DICOM ability makes case management a breeze. There is also a CD/DVD-R available. Next level image quality and the rich array of options makes this a clear winner.

Mindray M8


The TE5 is the newest addition to the portable market. With a completely different look and a firm eye toward infection control, this unit is completely touch screen operated. It weighs 6.1kg or 13.4lbs without probes or batteries. The batteries weigh 0.9kg or about two pounds. The monitor is 15 inch high resolution color LED monitor with a resolution of 768 x 1024. This system can be mounted on a trolley, on a table top stand or on the wall. For easy transport there are probe holders and adequate space for other supplies on the trolley.

The TE 5 is more slanted for critical care, musculoskeletal and pain management. Echocardiography application is not on this machine. There are seven other applications that this is well suited for. eSpacial Navigation technology that is used together with the L11-3VNs transducer to provide an unparalleled needle placement. The iNeedle is an option that shows the needle with an enhancement for better visualization. This technology is available on all linear transducers. There are 14 transducers that are supported by the TE5.

The design is compatible with high level disinfection. There is a screen lock function to allow for cleaning. This is the machine of choice for ER’s and ICU’s.

Mindray TE5

In addition to these benefits there is the hands free iVocal (voice activation) and the groundbreaking programmable probe. The two can be used together. The image quality is excellent. The price is between the M7 and the M8 and is affordable. Feature rich, portable, and easy to use makes the TE5 a great option for your business.

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