Ultrasound Equipment

Three Ultrasound Machines You Can Buy for Your Clinic

When you would like to have an ultrasound machine in your medical practice, it is hard to decide which ultrasound machine you should purchase. There are many ultrasound machines for sale, and there are several types too. The most common and most useful types for your practice are listed below.

Portable Ultrasound Machine

Since most ultrasound machines are on wheels, you might be wondering what makes a portable one, well, portable. These machines are much smaller, more compact, and they roll around on pedestals that can fit into tight spaces. They are ideal if your practice does not have a lot of storage room, or if you are on a tight budget and can only afford one or two machines.

3D Ultrasound Machine

This machine takes pictures in three dimensions, a very cool effect for expecting moms that might want to see their babies' features prior to the child's birth. They can also help diagnose more serious conditions of the heart, lungs, kidneys, and liver because of the three-dimensional view they provide. They are a step above the most traditional of ultrasound machines.

4D Ultrasound Machine

A 4D machine provides one extra dimension to an ultrasound image. Besides showing you an internal part of the body in 3D, it adds real color and real-time imaging within a few seconds of the ultrasound waves. It is one of the most high-tech ultrasound machines for sale.

Who to Contact When You're Ready to Buy

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