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Imagine What You Can Do-I9

Think about this; an ultrasound machine that is centered only on women’s health

Think about this; an ultrasound machine that is centered only on women’s health. Other manufacturers have high end women’s health options and now Mindray does too. Imagine the possibilities with the Imagyn 9. Imaging on this unit is effortless and beautiful. The I9 has a full fleet of automated options for easier workflow.

The first user friendly technology is Smart Planes CNS. There has been tremendous work in the last five years on fetal cranial structures. This is why it has been introduced on this machine. Once you obtain a really accurate midsagittal plane in 2D it is acquired by 3D imaging and then the machine displays four areas of the brain in four planes. Then you are able to see the cerebellum, the TCP, TTP, TVP and most other associated structures. The angles used in the reconstruction of the 3D images are seen and referenced as a green line, a blue line and a red line. Then with one key stroke you can label all four images at the same time. With the next key stroke you have many measurements that will transfer to the report.

Smart Planes CNS/ ICV is another great technology. Smart Planes CNS has to be imaged in 3D first. This method would be considered a subsection of Smart Planes CNS. These assessments and measurements are important for fetal monitoring in instances of congenital heart disease, fetal alcohol syndrome, intrauterine growth retardation, any spinal abnormalities and brain abnormalities.
In the future this will be the measurement of choice in addition to all the ones found under Smart Planes CNS.

There is so much that can be done with 3D technology in many areas of ultrasound. The next technology is a high level algorithm called Smart Scenes. Smart Scenes is very similar to a 3D preset. The basic 2D preset of Gyn and OB have this applies once the 3D ROI box is applied. For Gyn, your choices are endometrium and pelvic floor. Within OB the choices are spine, long bones, face and brain. The result from using this 3D technology is that the reconstruction of the final VR image is faster and with greater detail just for the one area of the scene you selected. It is a very fast method of imaging.

Another entry into the SMART category is Smart Face. This is a faster way of identifying the face and clearing overlying structures. The next two pictures show with Smart Face and without Smart Face. No other image optimization was done so that the effects of Smart Face could be clearly appreciated. Tints can be varied post reconstruction for a less red appearance.

Without Smart Face

With Smart Face

The basis for all good 3D or 4D imaging is the 2D images. If you do not have great 2D you will not have good 3D. The presets on this machine are excellent right out of the box. With iClear+, commonly designed TGC curves and high signal to noise ratio with Zone Vue the 2D images are incredible.

Transverse image of the kidneys 34 week gestation

There are so many other pluses to talk about. We wanted to get you curious and ask for a demo. Otherwise this would be a ten page term paper.

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