Ultrasound Equipment

The Exemplary GE Logiq E9

The Logiq E9 is a dependable choice for shared service. With so many extras it would be easy to include this in your department.

The Logiq E9 is a dependable choice for shared service. With so many extras it would be easy to include this in your department. With attention to ergonomics and a hydraulic UI lift plus an LCD articulated arm and lighter probes, it is a delight for any Doctor or sonographer to use. The Logiq E9 also has automated functions and scan assistant available for ease of use.

Any primary care or radiology specialist would find this unit a great fit. The technologies include 3D and realtime 4D capability with the correct probe. Elastography is the fastest growing request in many areas of imaging and this machine has it. The other options are Logiqview, CW, volume navigation, EKG module, report writer, TVI and scan assistant.

There is a robust application specific group of measurements with the ability customize measurements. There are 2D generic measurements the include distance, % stenosis, depth, circumference, area, volume and angle between two lines. M-mode and Doppler have their own generic measurements also. The exceptional preset tagged measurements are as advanced as Q analysis on the elastography package, Strain measurements with echocardiography and many authors for OB measurements to choose from. There are even volume measurements for 3D. There are application specific reports that hold all the measurements for easy PACs viewing.

The probes are every bit as important as the machine. There is a full array of probes for every application. We offer the electronic probes, the split crystal and the mechanical for the volume probe options. The Logiq E9 comes with a total of 35 probes. Some features are not present on every probe. For example the C1-5-D has strain elastography while the C1-6-D has both shear wave and strain elastography. The 9L-D has both types of elastography as well.

Last but not least is the great image quality. This is a result of the probe quality combined with the machine processing and technology. This model comes with Agile Acoustic Architecture which is a patented computational technology. The imaging parameters that are a great help in imaging are the SRI-HD, CRI, crossbeam and coded harmonics. Beyond this there are the user dependent parameters of dynamic range, frequency, edge enhancement, zoom and frame averaging. The added bonus of the high resolution monitor (1280 x 1024) that is 19 inches high. This monitor can swivel to 90 degrees in the horizontal direction. The monitor can also fold down and lock for transport.

This is the machine to have. Just remember significant configuration must take place in our lab before the machine is shipped. If there are any questions please call us at 843-459-7490.